Krystal is a brand new app with an immersive and frictionless DeFi user experience. The Krystal will save users time, money, and effort by consolidating the best DeFi services under one roof. 

Key Features of Krystal:

Seamless Token Swaps

Krystal will provide token swap functionality for about 30,736+ token pairs. At launch, Krystal will integrate directly with Kyber Network and Uniswap. More DEX protocols will be added soon to help aggregate access to liquidity and provide the best rates for users.

Lend Tokens for Interest

Krystal has already integrated with AAVE and Compound to provide convenient lending services for any user. Together, Aave and Compound have over $15B in TVL. Krystal provides single-click lending and withdrawal services. We made it much easier to decide which platform to choose while lending your token to earn interest.

Hassle-free Portfolio Management

Krystal will provide convenient portfolio management tools so that you can easily monitor and track your assets across multiple platforms and stay on top of your DeFi game. Easily source for DeFi opportunities, rebalance your portfolio, and manage your liquidity pools and yield farms all within one user-friendly interface.

Solid Security

Krystal is non-custodial and does not hold your assets at any time. All Krystal smart contracts have been fully audited by external third parties. These smart contracts are basically wrappers for multiple DeFi services such as Uniswap, Kyber Network, Aave, Compound, Sushiswap etc. Krystal only integrates projects which have also undergone smart contract audits. By using Krystal, you can access the best DeFi services with peace of mind.

Partnerships and Contests

Krystal will offer plenty of reward options for users. Our team has been hard at work for the last couple of months to partner with the best DeFi projects and a few partnerships have already been secured that will come into effect after the launch.

Other new features offered by Krystal include:

● Dapp Browser to access any DeFi service

● Price alerts to capture the best trading opportunities

● Trending tokens and other notifications

● Custom token management

● Live Charts

● Create, Import or Watch Addresses