All transactions on the Ethereum blockchain (known as on-chain transactions) go through the following 4 main stages. 

  1. User Confirmation— Signing a transaction with the wallet’s private key

  2. Broadcasting — Broadcasting the signed transaction on the blockchain

  3. Mining — Waiting for the transaction to be mined by Ethereum miners

  4. Completion — Success or Failure

Due to the immutable nature of the blockchain, once the transaction is completed (Step #4), it can’t be changed. Krystal trades are performed fully on-chain on Ethereum, so all successful transactions also follow these 4 stages. 

Here we discuss your options if you broadcast a transaction by mistake or if your transaction is stuck in the mining phase (#3) for a very long time due to the low gas price. 

On mobile:

On the Swap tab, click on the Clock icon on the top right of the screen and choose Pending, you will see your pending transaction. Now, swipe from right to left on the transaction the options will appear. 

It will cost a small amount of gas fee to Speed up or Cancel the transaction.

On Desktop:

If you use MetaMask you could speed up or cancel by referring to the guide below: