All transactions on the Ethereum blockchain (known as on-chain transactions) go through the following 4 main stages. 

  1. User Confirmation— Signing a transaction with the wallet’s private key

  2. Broadcasting — Broadcasting the signed transaction on the blockchain

  3. Mining — Waiting for the transaction to be mined by Ethereum miners

  4. Completion — Success or Failure

Due to the immutable nature of the blockchain, once the transaction is completed (Step #4), it can’t be changed. Krystal trades are performed fully on-chain on Ethereum, so all successful transactions also follow these 4 stages. 

Here we discuss your options if you broadcast a transaction by mistake or if your transaction is stuck in the mining phase (#3) for a very long time due to the low gas price. 

Please follow these steps: Summary Tab → History icon → Pending → Left Swipe on the transaction you want to speed up or cancel. 

It will cost a small amount of gas fee to Speed up or Cancel the transaction.