- What is Krystal Point:

Krystal Point is the Point-Based Reward system on Krystal which allows the user to convert to tokens like ETH, BSC, or Matic etc... and transfer to his wallet. Krystal Point is not a token. It is also neither transferable nor tradable.

On Ethereum, Krystal Point is eKP, you can redeem it to get ETH
On Binance Smart Chain, Krystal Point is bKP, you can redeem it to get BNB

- Krystal Point Value: 

1 eKP = 0.0001 ETH

1 bKP = 0.0001 BNB

- How to accrue Krystal Points:

Krystal Points can be acquired in various ways: Referral Program, Quests, Loyalty Program, and other promotion activities inside the app. 

- How to redeem Krystal Points:

The Users can redeem Krystal Points by interacting with a smart contract. Since it’s an on-chain transaction, the Users need to pay the gas fee themselves. 

In order to redeem, in Krystal, please access Explore → Krystal Points, then tap the “Claim KP” button. 

- Expiration Date of Krystal Points:

All unclaimed Krystal Points will be invalid at the end of the year (on Dec 31st at 23:59:59 UTC).