The better Tier will get you better allocation, and you need points to gain a better Tier in KrystalGO. You can see all the details about your point in My Tier box.

 There are two ways to get points:

1. Stake KNC

  • You could stake KNC directly in the "Dashboard" tab
  • First you will need to Approve KNC token to stake, you only need to do this transaction once.


  • After the transaction is confirmed, click on the Stake button to stake your KNC. For each KNC you stake, you will have 1 point accordingly. 

  • If you don't have KNC, you can click on Buy KNC to buy them from Krystal.
  • Please note that: Once you staked, it will take 7 days for you to be able to unstake the token

2. Trading on Krystal

  • Another way to accrue more points on Krystal is to trade on the platform. Each $1 traded equals 0.1 Point. 
  • The points are calculated based on your wallet’s total trading volume on Krystal DeFi in the last 30 days. Counting back from End of Whitelist Stage.
  • Please note that
    • only swap transaction is counted, wrap or unwrap transactions are not eligible. 
    • Transactions are counted on all the supported blockchains