Multi-chain Launchpad

Different projects prefer to build on different blockchains. KrystalGO caters to all. At launch, we will be supporting projects built on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon and Avalanche.

Dedicated Projects

Projects are selected for launch only after being thoroughly examined for their legitimacy, their ability to deliver, and their resolve to fulfill the vision they promised.

Simple Process

We understand how competing for an IDO allocation can be a long-winded and costly process. KrystalGO makes it simple for you with easy, straighforward requirements and an intuitive UI that outmatches the existing IDO platforms.

Fair for all

Opportunities to invest in your favorite gems should be distributed fairly in a transparent manner. KrystalGO is commited to share IDO opportunities for all investors regardless of their investment size.

Know your Gem

As an investor, it is key to know what you are getting into. Events will be organised by Krystal in collaboration with projects, where the community will get a chance to learn more about the projects in the form of AMAs, Learn & Earns, Social Quests etc.